Saturday, February 27, 2016

King Saylee Brings About A Positive Spin on Music With Two Incredible Tracks

King Saylee brought out two tracks of absolute fire with “Keep Going”, and “No Regrets”. These two tracks hit me like a ton of bricks, and they don’t let up. The lyrical elements of “Keep Going” alone are stuck in my head. King Saylee has found a way to bridge the gap between hip hop and rhythm and blues on these two tracks.

First up, “Keep Going” gives a positive spin on the daily grind. The message of hope for a brighter future is definitely showcased here. The point is to keep on moving forward, and just don’t give up. No matter what comes your way, keep it moving, because you’ll get to the greater good that awaits ahead of you. “No Regrets” comes through with another slice of positivity, giving the listener a sense of empowerment. These tracks are not too unlike the positivity that artists like Bob Marley put out in his prime. You’re going to find that there are moments here that get you singing along with ease.

Overall King Saylee’s two latest tracks truly give you a sense of urgency, and empowerment. They cross barriers, they give you hope eternal, and it’s not preaching. It’s encouragement, and it’s shining light on something that many songs don’t push. There’s poetry flowing through the lyrics, alongside a hip song structure that will lead you down through some mellow moments. It’s this kind of music that should get promoted more often. I love the tracks, and definitely will be keeping track of King Saylee’s releases, as this artist is destined for greatness, no doubt.

Check out King Saylee’s official website here. Listen to more of the tunes, and make sure not to miss this amazing artist’s unique voice. Also, follow updates via Twitter here, and Instagram here.

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