Friday, February 26, 2016

Elmo Karjalainen Illustrates Perfect Acoustic Guitar Work On Where We Belong

There comes a time when others become envious of what you do. Today, I can truly say that people are going to absolutely be envious about this blog, and the music that I am able to review. Why? I would credit Elmo Karjalainen’s latest “Where We Belong” as a major contributing factor in that regards. I’ve heard a lot of records, and have reviewed over 300 of them on the site so far, but nothing has been as poetic in song structure as this one. It’s a testament to the creativity that is provided with music of all types, and I’m honored to have heard this one for review.

A Symbiosis of Melodic Guitar Sounds

There’s a lot to this record. 15 tracks and nearly an hour of music comprised of acoustic elements. Each track creates a story through the language of acoustic guitar playing. This is not just strumming, there are layers to it, and each one creates a pictures for you to see when your eyes are closed. From the opening tracks “Where We Belong”, “By The Ocean” and “Black Jack Time”, to the latter tracks on the record, you will be taken through a journey of musical landscapes you don’t get from radio. Elmo Karjalainen’s record has a lot to offer the music fan, whether you like rock, pop, or any other type of music. This is a classic example of how to create a rich tapestry of acoustic guitar music.

Telling A Story Through Music

The best songwriters can create a visual with their lyrics, no doubt. But it takes a special kind of writer to create stories without uttering a word, and on Elmo Karjalainen’s “Where We Belong”, you get just that. You get a new life, a new visual story with each track. It’s the type of music that calms you down, that helps guide you through rough patches, and assists you when you’re feeling joyous. It’s a friendly sound, a lonely one, and a crowded one all the same. It’s deep, like a classical novel.

As far as acoustic guitar records are concerned, Elmo Karjalainen’ “Where We Belong” ranks high among them. This is beautiful music, through and through. You owe it to yourself to pick up this record, it’s very good.

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