Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mike Z Band Pushes A Mix of Country and Blues Into A Solid EP With Talk To Myself

I admit, I’m new to the country world, but not as new as some of my compatriots in the alternative music world. I guess I started my journey into that market from the beginnings, and if you track it along music history you’ll find that out of jazz and blues, comes rock and country. Or rather folk, or something along those lines. To me the genres are somewhat uncharted territories, but not to say that I don’t have my favorite country albums. Mixing the two is hit or miss for me, but when it works, it really works. Mike Z Band on “Talk To Myself” does what most can’t, makes a compelling mix of genres that is rooted in blues, has country feel, and still rocks. In fact, it’s a surprise how interesting the Ep actually flows as a whole.

I immediately thought Bryan Adams, but that’s because I always try to compare and contrast vocal and music styling, and that’s kind of what you get on this release. The songs are well structured and offer something for everyone. Opening up with “Wrong Way” is a good choice, as you get a feel for Mike Z Band’s mix of genres. It never feels like they are trying really hard to put themselves into one genre, and that’s perhaps the best thing to denote about this release. With “Just About To Lose Your Clown” you start to really appreciate the sounds of the record, and with “Settle Down” you realize that Mike Z Band may very well be on to something with “Talk To Myself”.

Mike Z Band’s latest EP is a good mix, and a testament to independent music yet again. Those that are new to the genres, or aren’t quite sure just need to listen to their tracks one time to be convinced. Expect to hear more from the band.

Click here to check out more on Mike Z Band and pick up the EP today.

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