Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Marty McKay Shatters The Perception of The Rock Genre With Sin’s Disciple

A lot of people talk about genres of music as a singular thing, one genre that defines an artist and that’s a rough thing to do. You are going to find that with the release of “Sin’s Disciple” Zurich based concept artist and musician Marty McKay creates a lavish example of what you can do with creativity on a whole new level. At first glance, you are going to be hard-pressed to call this rap rock or hip hop metal or something that fits McKay in a box. That’s not what you get here, instead, you get a kaleidoscope of genres that mix so well, you’ll swear you’ve heard this before.

I can reassure you, you haven’t. McKay has found a way to tap into creativity in a way that most musicians can’t. He’s blended visualizations, literature, hip hop, rock, and pop into a portrait of what he’s thinking. A new world concept with bouncing moments, hard hitting rock tones, and a lot to explore on this release. From the start of “Emptiness Returns” through “Sunder City” and across the board of the tracks featured on this release, you can’t pinpoint where he’s going, as he has a lot of ideas and keeps throwing new ones at you musically.

I like the release, and find that there are a lot of different moments on this record that you’ll find to be compelling, and right on par with what you may have heard coming through other artists, but in a new way. Mary’s vocals flow easily with the music and you never feel as though he’s trying too hard. Some artists in the genre meshing have a hard time flowing from rock, pop, to hip hop and don’t know how to layer singing in there with it. Often times it feels a little clumsy, but that’s not what you find here. Marty McKay really does well on vocals, and continues to flow through all sorts of rhymes, lyrics and themes.

This is a project that encompasses many genres of music, and many genres of art. Visual, sound, writing, and more are all found with the release of “Sin’s Disciple”. Check out some songs via, and then look at his official web page here. You’ll be blown away, just like I was.

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