Monday, February 24, 2014

Zawles Drops Serious Rhymes on Battlemode

Zawles really pushes the limits on this one, rhyming through a ton of different points, themes, on “BattleMode”, and right when you think this song seems to be going in a linear path, it completely changes as the beat complete breaks apart into a new world of creativity. It bounces, it squeaks, it drops, it rises, and Zawles creates lavish lyricism alongside it.

The best part about this song is the way Zawles doesn’t lose his timing at all, he doesn’t cut words to try and rhyme them, everything feels organic. It feels as though he’s telling you a story in a very rhythmic way, and doesn’t seem to be taking a breath, but not in a bad way. The flow is so smooth that you’ll completely be impressed with the delivery system found here. I was completely blown away by how he develops thoughts, places them on top of the beats, and flows through natural and unnatural rhythms. Often times rappers that aren’t that good will try to cut in and out and flow with the music, bouncing on octaves that aren’t that good, or trying hard to really push the boundaries, but that’s not here, it’s done with such a sense of simplicity that you’ll be blown away.

It starts steady, and then completely shatters your perception. If you listen, you will become a believer. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist. Killer beats, impressive swagger, and authority on the words brings Zawles out of the underground and into the prime time, at least in my view. I love this track, you will love this track, and you’ll definitely be impressed at how the flow works amidst the sounds.

You can listen to the song by clicking here, and it very well may be your favorite song for a long time. Zawles does well here, and I love it.

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