Monday, February 10, 2014

Dropkick Creates Rich Layered Electronic Music on Trapdoor

I like a lot of music, you can see that through the posts on this site, and one thing that I’m always surprised to see is the amount of creativity it takes to do electronic music. I can’t do it, I’m a traditionalist and can play bass guitar, and read music. I couldn’t layer my way out of a paper bag, even though I took classes in pro tools when I was in college. That being said, Dropkick takes on their moniker with the release of their “Trapdoor” EP. It is a punch of cool to a genre that is very much hit or miss. Not only that, I love a well-placed Dropkick in pro-wrestling so they get my vote just by putting out a cool name.

The music on “Trapdoor” is rhythmic, it’s dance heavy, but it’s much more than just an electronic release. There is a good sense of rhythm, bass tones, percussion and so much more. It’s layered and works well on a lot of levels. I liked the first tune’s use of the band name and the progression definitely cycles through a lot of different elements that I couldn’t pick up on the first time I listened to it. A few listens later and I started to pick up different instruments and sounds, which is a testament to the band’s ability to create layered sonic music.

Each tune is the original done in all sorts of mixes. The first track, “Original 77 Mix” is by far my favorite, but that’s not to say the other mixes aren’t as good, as they all have their own dancehall vibe to them. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds and definitely far out and relevant to electronic music sounds. I love it. It’s outside of my traditional wheelhouse, but sounds so cool amidst my writings. As a writer I’m always looking for a little boost of energy, and this works well for me, and gets my cat curious as to the sounds coming from my computer.

Dropkick creates a cool EP here, and it’s well worth investigating further. You can listen to the record and buy it here, and you can definitely check out a bit more with the video below, but first make sure that you check out their Facebook page here.

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