Saturday, February 1, 2014

Buy Before You Die Sneak Preview Track From Figures of Light

Figures of Light are ready to unleash some more music on the masses, and they’ve been kind enough to provide us with a sneak peek of the upcoming record with “Buy Before You Die”. That classic punch of punk rock ethos and solid rock rhythms are once again present here, and it’s a cool tune that you’re going to definitely start singing along with in a matter of seconds. It had my feet tapping and repeating the lyrics within a minute and it will definitely have you doing the same.It's steady, straightforward, and has a sensibility of pop to it without losing that iconic Figures of Light sound. It's a good preview of what is to come for sure.

From a basement in New York comes the ultimate example of punk rock ethos in song. This title track from their upcoming CD entitled “Buy Before You Die” was recorded at Barrel House Studios in Nyack, NY, and with guest Andrew Nicodema on drums and bass, Alex Berserker on lead guitar, Wheeler Winston Dixon's vocals, and Michael Downey's rhythm guitar, this song is most definitely another instant classic from Figures of Light.

Engineered by Chris Boecker and Zacharry Cokeley, produced by Figures of Light, and mixed by Nathan at Matrix Audio, this very well could be the start of one of the best releases yet from the proto punk kings. The upcoming record is set to be released in 3 weeks, so mark your calendars. Don’t even think about calling yourself a punk fan without getting this one.

Check out the very catchy song below, and make sure that you’re paying attention, these guys are set to rock the world yet again.

Figures of Light - Buy Before You Die - (Lyrics Video) from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at

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