Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Melodians Super Best Review

One of the most famous songs from Sublime is actually not an original. It’s a song that they covered, and many others have covered from The Melodians. I once heard a rendition of this song played at a pastor’s conference in Prescott, Arizona. This rocksteady group comes from Jamaica (of course), and is one of the better sounding artists from the 1960s. The song of course is “Rivers of Babylon”. With “Super Best”, the record that came out in 2012, you get a collection of tracks from the group. The disc is 25 tracks of rocksteady, and reggae, but with a subtle religious touch to it. Whether that’s by design or it’s just the signature style of The Melodians, I don’t really know. However, throughout the 25 tracks, you get a true sense for the reggae and ska artist’s passion for the music. There are elements of love, peace, harmony, and even religious ideas sewn throughout the songs. This is the type of ska record that you are going to be able to share with family, friends, and not get laughed at. I need to stress that this is NOT Bob Marley, so if you expect his vocals, you won’t get it. But you will definitely get a good glimpse into another fine 1960s ska, reggae, rocksteady band.  The Melodians “Super Best” can be picked up for cheap by going

The Melodians “Super Best” can be picked up for cheap by going here.

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