Thursday, October 1, 2015

Vero Shows The Ace Under His Sleeve With Passed Grass Education

Vero snuck up on me. “Passed Grass Education” starts simple enough, with a smooth flow, and good beats. But while you’re slowly melting into the nuance that Vero brings through, you get taken into the real crux of this record, and something happens. A sonic boom of cool starts to drop through focused beats. There’s relaxation here, don't get me wrong, but there's a control element that only the best MC's in the game have, and that's what you get here. Controlled lyrical elements over smooth beats. Vero has a flow that is laid back, he’s not attacking you, he’s talking through the clouds of smoke and peace he’s bringing. You’re going to be bobbing your head, as the beats come through simply.This is the type of record you want to cruise through a skatepark with, no crazy tricks, just cruising along, hitting some hips, dropping in and mellowing out.

“Just Trust” is just the beginning, as you flow through the rest of the tracks, you start to get a slow moving painting shown in front of your eyes. Close your eyes and you will be taken to another place. Vero finds a way to touch your mind, and bring an honest flow. The lyrics are personal, but they aren’t all bombastic, or self serving. It’s with “Have I Gone Mad” that you start to walk with the MC through the past, present, and I dare you not to reminisce on your own life.

Vero’s progression on “Passed Grass Education” is stellar. The MC doesn’t struggle at any point, he flows in a calmed status. He’s chill, poetic, but introspective all the same. On tracks like, “Oh My”, “Forever Dope”, “1994”, “Smoothies”, “Gaza Strip Poetry”, and “Sax On The Beach”, you get the whole of what Vero’s bringing forth.

Overall, Vero’s musical talents are spread across several layers of hip hop beats, smooth flows, and lyrical attachments to life, clouds, and more. There’s not a wasted lyrical point here, especially when Vero goes into personal realizations and suggestions about life in general. You’re going to find yourself either thinking about your own life, or you’re going to be transported into a canal ride through Venice, because Vero’s got a chill vibe here.

“Passed Grass Education” is a good hip hop record. It features mixed beats that never seem to be phoned in, and a focus on story telling that is never aggressive. Vero’s not trying to strangle you, he’s trying to calmly tell you a story of life, ideas, peace, and well, smoke. It’s a good record, and deserving of your ear.This album was recorded recorded by Joe Dell'Aquila at Exeter Recordings, and the production values are quite high.
Check out this record Via DatPiff HERE. You owe it to yourself, check it out.

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