Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nick Festari Comes Booming With This Is Me…Slower and Faster

I just got a new speaker for my laptop. Previously, I was listening to music with headphones, but didn’t like it. I got tired of it overall, so I bought a new set up. I mention this because Nick Festari’s latest record “This is me..Slower and Faster” was the first record I heard with it on. I turned things up and boom, the semi sonic sounds of rock, pop and great melody came through immediately. “You Wanna Make Me Fly (I Know You Belong To A Dream)” is absolutely a hit opener. This is the kind of opener that you get from major label record debut albums. I was immediately impressed with the structure and balance of the record, and quality of the recording. From the vocals, to the style of guitar and keyboard elements, you get a feeling for the talent that Nick Festari has. It’s such a powerful song, and it goes through every emotional element that you’d expect from a veteran of the music industry.

“This Is Me..Slower and Faster” is cultivated to showcase various genres, and within the first seconds of the first track, you get that. It feels new, refreshing, and powerful. I cannot express how impressed I truly was to hear this record, and that’s not just me paying lip service, it’s really a solid outing, with a lot of ups and downs, and good song writing. Nick Festari does so much here, producing a genre bending record that flows through electronic elements, piano, guitar, rock, indie, and punk.

Each track has a new flavor. Festari is in a league all his own. “The Song I Wrote For You” is a grand example of how incredible this song is. It’s so balanced, unique, and catchy as all hell. Festari finds a way to keep the motion going through every track, creating a well-balanced recording that is absolutely worth listening to. There are 6 tracks total on this record, and each one stands alone as its own song. Style wise there’s a lot to listen for, and it’s fascinating. The six songs here are unique, infused with electrical elements, punk rock styling, and pop sensibilities. I don’t know what else I can say about this record, color me impressed.

Check out Nick Festari's official website here for more information about the veteran musician, and pick up this incredible release. Oh, and check out the lead song from the record, which is one of my personal new favorites.

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