Monday, October 12, 2015

Murs Have A Nice Life Brings New Meaning To Hip Hop For Me

I discovered Murs thanks to John Cena. John Cena and DEF JUX were something new I discovered a while back. Murs did a video for his track “HUSTLE” and it featured Cena in the video. It was from that point forward that I wanted to listen to everything that MURS ever put out. I did and have been blessed by some of the lyrics that he’s pushed out. Through the affiliate with DEF JUX that MURS and others had, I was able to discover all sorts of hip hop heavyweights. The creation of lyrical elements has always fascinated me, and though I’m not a rapper, I would like to think of myself as a fan of poetry. I mean, I am in a master’s program for Humanities. With the release of “Have a Nice Life”, the rapper from Los Angeles has created a kaleidoscope of music released through Strange Music.

From the starting line of “Have a Nice Life”, you get into a car with the famed rapper. He presents a slice of life that is somewhat autobiographical, but so much more. It’s a fascinating trip through the last few years, and then some. By the time you get to “Surprises” Murs puts on the thinking cap and illustrates some amazing tactical lyrical elements. In fact, it’s with track 2 on the disc that you start to look around your neighborhood, your memories, and realize that your story is not a lonely one. There’s so much to relate to here, especially with the heart break, and the juxtaposition of what very well may be the story of all of us.

As the record moves forward, you’re going to find that this disc features a lot of great moments. The beats are alive, the instrumentals are key, and the way Murs moves through guest singers and more, you end up with a huge record that deserves some major attention. Stand out tracks for me include “Have a Nice Life”, “Surprises”, “Okey Dog”, “The Worst”, “I Miss Mikey”, and more.

There’s a lot to discover with “Have a Nice Life”. There are moments where you know what Murs is doing, calling on his classic lyrical style, and then there are surprises where he jumps through the headphones to deliver something altogether new. For instance, “Mi Corazon” illustrates a fascinating element of autobiographical data that you may relate to, especially when speaking Spanish.

For me, Murs represents the type of rapper that I wish I could portray in writing. Meaning, the “Hustler”. No, not drugs, but words. I get paid per word, and sometimes I get paid less than 1 cent per word. However, I will write a million words if it means that I can make some money instead of going through the 9 to 5 world. I love how MURS finds ways to create illustrative, creative music, without that “gang” life that permeates a lot of the modern rappers lyrical attempts.

If you haven’t yet picked up “Have a Nice Life” by MURS, then go for it. Get the vinyl, and get ready for something a little different than the mainstream rap game.

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