Wednesday, October 28, 2015

They Call It The Quiet City...

I write a lot. People don't understand how much I write. I write so much that I start blogs and just run them into the ground with the amount of text that I throw at them. Some of them get popular, others die slow deaths.

I was listening to a song by Thursday, and it begins with the title of this post. So I decided to name a blog, and start writing reviews about the music that I want. I already have a review site called Sell Out Records (, but that's for long form reviews. I also post random thoughts on Sold Out Records via Tumblr. However, I wanted an outlet where I wasn't confined to long forms, so here is this idea.

In this blog, you will see reviews of music from all over the map. I will write about things in a very concise, and simple manner. No long form reviews will be posted on here, unless I want to rant. The reviews will be 250 words each and edited by James Himsa. The editing and writing will be to give you a break down of some of the tracks, some history, and then post links to where you can purchase the records yourself. If you like what you read, by all means pick up the records, share this with others, and tell a friend.

Until next time, I'm Jorge Orduna aka Sir Jorge aka The Mexican aka The SEO Idiot.

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