Thursday, September 24, 2015

311 With The Unity Orchestra Live From New Orleans 311 Day 2014

I remember driving from Palms Springs back to Culver City when my friend laughed at me for wanting the latest 311 record. At the time, “Sunset in July” was popular, and they had preorders for the new record that included vinyl pressings and lots of good stuff. I got laughed at. The notion that I would want to pick up a 311 record was beyond their frame. I didn’t order it.

Fast forward to this morning, and I have found an incredible example of how great the band is. I don’t need to preach to the choir of fans that love 311. But if you haven’t really invested in the band’s catalog since they released “Down” in the 1990s, you need to really go back and check out some of their records. Case in point, “311 With the Unity Orchestra” from 2014. This is a record that was recorded live on 311 Day in New Orleans. That’s a day when they go out and play to their massive fan base. The band has been doing that showcase since, well, since I can remember actually.

On this record, you will get 9 songs that are just incredible. They are not the singles that you hear on the radio. However, what they do put on is a showcase of great songs mixed in with the orchestra sound, and so much more. This is not the same as Metallica’s orchestra concert, instead, it’s the band at their best, live. The recording is good, it speaks to the band’s reputation for being very good live, including some amazing solo work and loud elements that you are going to absolutely eat up if you’re a fan.

For the non-fan, or casual fan, check out the tracks, “Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm”, “Use of Time”, “Dreamland”, and “Eons” as the stand out tracks on the record. Overall, this is a solid outing with a lot of surprises that you may not know about if you’re not big on the 311 catalog. The live orchestra lends itself very well to the rock and roll, reggae sound that the band is known for. Listen for the drums, there are moments of stellar performance, as well as a horn section and more. This is a great 9 song compilation from 311 Day, that’s for sure.

Pick up 311 “With The Unity Orchestra Live” HERE, and do yourself a musical favor today!

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