Monday, September 14, 2015

Jagged Recollections Creates A Very Well Balanced Record

Jacko Poli’s latest release “Jagged Recollections” hit my desk today and I was floored by the balance and tone across the record. I’m a bass player, so whenever I hear bands really incorporate bass, I’m in love. On this record you first get hit with a strong bass line that really sets you up. “Because It Burns” is the perfect blend of strong vocals, trumpet sounds, drums, and of course bass heavy tuning. I love the tuning on the track and the vocals that layer through the wall of sound. This is a balancing act that is hard to pull off, but Jacko Poli has done that so well here on the opener.

As you listen to the record, you start to get a feeling for the band’s pop sensibilities. There’s a lot to listen to here. The melodies are perfectly tuned, layered, and positioned for you to admire. If you’re a music fan, you can’t help but love the way the trumpet, piano, and guitars work so well on the tracks, alongside harder rocking elements. “Jagged Recollections” is by far one of the best works I’ve heard blend so much into a simple form. It seems simple, but when you listen, you’ll realize that there’s so much going on, but not without incorporating each item very well. Sometimes you get bands trying too hard to put in sounds, but that’s not what you get here. Each sound is deliberate, layered, and played to the perfect arrangement.

Stand out tracks include “Lines of Love”, “Slow Mo”, “Chinatown”, “I Cling To You”, and “UFO”. That’s not to say that the others aren’t as good, because that’s not the case. This is another example of a record that you need to listen to as a whole. You can’t just pick one track as a favorite. It demands attention, and it’s definitely well worth your time.

“Jagged Recollections” is a very well balanced, finely tuned record. It showcases the power of Jacko Poli and the unique blend of rock, pop and world music all into one package. You’re going to be hard pressed not to like this stellar release.

Catch up with Jacko Poli via bandcamp here. Keep your eyes and ears open, this record is poised to do quite well, if you ask me.

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