Friday, March 25, 2016

Solopsi Radio Is Herman Martinez’s Masterpiece of Exceptional Rock Music

Labeled as an experimental, meta-rock record, Herman Martinez takes on the tropes of what alternative, rock, heavy music, and shatters definitions. From the first track that opens “Solopsi Radio”, you are treated to an eclectic arrangement of instruments that are very much heavy, and very much in the same framework that Tool’s debut started with. However, the comparisons to the past slowly lift as the song’s structure begins to reveal an all different approach to the rock genre. There’s a staggering bass line, a triumphant guitar lead, and vocals that create a haunting experience.

As you progress through the record, you are given a mix of heavy, soft, mellow, and contemplative lyrical elements. Tracking on this record is diverse, unique, and bring about a lot of comparisons. You are not going to be able to pinpoint “one” genre here, but it’s definitely rock heavy. This is a strength of Martinez’s composition, layering plenty of rock sounds into a larger portrait. Tracks like “Fictional Realism”, “Spoonbender”, “Every Letter I’ve Ever Sent”, and “Dogon With The Wind” give the first half such a strong opening, that you are left spent by the time the second half comes through.

“Solopsi Radio” triumphs in bringing together a lot of sounds. It’s rock operatic at times, it’s alternative 90s at times, it’s flowing like a Primus disc and yet as strong as System of a Down’s early work. There’s a connective tissue that Martinez works so well on this record, that you’re left wondering what will be next.

Herman Martinez has a strong record here. One that is equal parts heavy, alternative, and cerebral. It’s records like this that should get the ear of major record heads, because there’s a lot of talent all over the songs here. Just one listen isn’t enough to catch all the sounds put forth. This very well may be the best rock record that I’ve reviewed thus far this year.

You can listen to Solopsi Radio by clicking here.

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