Monday, March 14, 2016

Nick Driver Gets Creative On His Acoustic Mixtape EP

Nick Driver is a very talented singer, songwriter, and he’s poised to get a lot of attention with the latest release that he has out, “Acoustic Mixtape EP”. Focusing on a stripped down, simple song structure, Nick Driver finds a way to create impressive layers of lyrical storytelling, and quality production. His work flows quite well, putting catchy elements with acoustic guitar and a little percussion here and there. From the opening track “Tip Jar” forward, you’re going to have this full EP stuck in your head.

Often times when you get an acoustic record, you get a lot of soft, slow music. That’s not the case here. While this is not punk rock, it doesn’t need to be. Nick Driver finds a way to make the song structure catchy, without leaving you asleep amidst watered down acoustic traps. Driver really comes to life through the transition of tracks, from “Tip Jar” to “Baby Come Back To Me” to “Coffeehouse Hero”, you get a true sense for the emotional musings of Driver’s guitar work. Needless to say, it’s a fun narrative to listen to.

As far as “Acoustic Mixtape EP” is concerned, it’s a very interesting, poignant record. It has a lot going for it, playing on a lot of different emotional connections. From a fist in the air to a vulnerable place, you get to see a bit of Nick Driver’s soul poured out in each track. This is a fun record, a catchy mix of songs, and something that is no doubt a powerful release that should garner Driver a lot of success.

“Acoustic Mixtape EP” is a good release. One that I am definitely a fan of right now. It’s creative, it’s playful, it has real emotions, and it has good production quality. You owe it to yourself to listen to this one, it’s really good. By the time you get to “Wrapped Up”, you can’t help but be a fan, trust me.

You can learn more about Nick Driver via his official website here, and support via Itunes here.

Also, keep up with Nick Driver online with these official links:
snapchat: nickdriver1

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