Monday, March 28, 2016

K9 Kev Unleashes The Dear Diary EP And Brings Serious Production With Him

K9 Kev is an interesting musician that brings about a whole new balance of hip hop and production with his latest record. “The Dear Diary EP” is a collection of 5 tracks coming straight out of the coastal town of Oban, Scotland. This unassuming EP is quite strong, and you'll get hit hard if you pay attention, as there's some great honesty in the songs, and excellent timing with the rhythm that is set forth in this release.

The lyrical measurements that K9 Kev has on this record are nothing short of epic. The rhymes are good, but it’s the story telling that really takes center stage. I love when emcees focus on telling you more than just how great they are, and that’s something nice about this record. This is a story book that is quite personal, and while it’s deeply rooted in hip hop, there’s so much more to it. The character of the music speaks volumes about the artist, and the ear he has to production. The production is spot on here, with vocals soaring over the melodies, and creating a cavalcade of focused writing.

Stand out tracks include “School Days”, “Growing Pains”, and “Dear Diary”, but the 5 tracks are hard to single out. This is a fully realized record that has a lot to say in such a short time. BY the time you finish “West Coast Town”, you can’t help but listen again and pay attention to the story that K9 Kev so eloquently raps through. It’s fascinating, the talent exposed here, and the penmanship in the lyrics. You get a taste of what life, love, loss and more are found in the narrative. There’s a lot of beauty found here, and if you pay attention to what is being said, you are going to absolutely love this record even more.

K9 Kev’s “The Dear Diary EP” is one of the better hip hop records I’ve heard in a long time. The production is solid, the lyrical content is good, and the flow is powerful. The sound design is great, not just relying on looping beats, but rather fully realized song structure. You can’t help but be impressed with the timing, and sounds that come through on this record, and if you give it a fair chance, you’ll absolutely want to play this one over and over gain. It’s a good release, no, it’s a great release!

Check out “The Dear Diary EP” from K9 Kev by going to band camp here, and check out K9 Kev's facebook here.

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