Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alternative Christmas Records: Jars of Clay Christmas Songs Review

Jars of Clay "Chrismas Songs" LP
In 2007, Jars of Clay put out a very cool Christmas record out. I actually was able to pick this up for free because I sent in a letter to a televangelist. Anyways, this is quite possibly one of the more traditional “alternative” Christmas records. I say that because Jars of Clay’s sound lends itself very well to the traditional sounds of Christmas. That’s not to say that this is a record that is full of boring music. That’s actually not the case at all. There are some great moments on this record. The arrangements of the songs are well structured, acoustic, full of instrumentation and absolutely grand.

What you’re going to find with some of these songs is that they stick with you. There’s a certain reverence that is paid to these songs. Jars of Clay finds a way to amaze, and create elemental music that is just amazing. Some of my favorite songs on this record include, “The Gift of St. Cecilia”, “Wonderful Christmastime”, “Winter Skin”, “Drummer Boy”, “Hibernation Day”, “Evergreen”, “Peace is Here”, and “In The Bleak Midwinter”.

As far as alternative Christmas records are concerned, Jars of Clay puts on a more balanced showcase than some of the other records that I will be talking about this holiday season. With the traditional arrangements and mix of instruments, it’s a much lighter solution than most.

If you’d like to pick up “Christmas Songs” by Jars of Clay, pick it up or download it by clicking here.

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