Monday, December 7, 2015

Alternative Christmas Records: The Almost No Gift To Bring Review

The Almost "No Gift To Bring" EP - Available Here
The year was 2008, and The Almost was splintered from the Underoath camp. This is a band that took a piece of Underoath and made a whole new rock and roll band. Now, with the release of this record, “No Gift To Bring” The Almost put on a showcase of holiday music that is nothing short of fascinating. The songs to me are sincere, and just beautiful. “No Gift To Bring” is a wonderful little record that features a whole heart of the Christmas season, especially if you’re of a religious inclination.

For Christians, this is a must have, hands down. It’s on par with the Jars of Clay Christmas record that I spoke about at the beginning of this month. There is so much emotion put forth in the lyrics. With a sense of honesty, and sincerity, the band puts on a lyrical powerhouse. “Awful Direction” alone will have you shedding a tear, but of course, that is not the best part of this record, because it is in fact a Christmas record.

It’s with the second song that you are thrown into the Christmas spirit. “Little Drummer Boy” is by far my favorite version of the song by any artist ever. Then the record turns into a spiritual wonderland with, “Amazing Because It Is”, “Your Love Is Extravagant”, and “Dirty and Left Out” all are good overall tracks. While this is packaged as a solid Christmas release, you only really get that one track from the traditional landscape of the holidays. However, if you are Jewish, Christian, or spiritual, then you will enjoy the rest of the release just the same as the lyrical elements are on par with what you would expect from the Christmas spirit. Pick up The Almost “No Gift To Bring” via Amazon here.

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