Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Alternative Christmas Records: The Vandals Oi To The World Review

The Vandals "Oi To The World" LP - Available Here
“Dude, how old are the goddamn Vandals? Are they in wheel chairs yet?”, now that’s a way to talk about punk rock. My friend Mike totally had me dying after he said that recently. While sipping the last of Dewar’s Honey Whiskey here in Indianapolis, we discussed this fine record, one of the classics from the old timers, The Vandals. “Oi To The World” is the premier punk rock record that you will have to no doubt talk about at one point or another. This originally came out in 1996 and it received a TON of negative reviews. In fact, All Music said it was completely stupid, and it was terrible. Well, a big middle finger to Stephen Thomas Erlewine, and All Music. You bunch of hacks. Then again, here I am writing to an audience of one, since no one seems to read this diatribe of mine. But that’s not what I write, right? No, I do need fans, come back, please, please…we’re talking Christmas.

Alright, so what’s so hot about this record? Well, it’s fun, it’s humorous, and it’s absolute punk rock. Some of the stand out tracks here include, “A Gun For Christmas”, “Grandpa’s Last Xmas”, “Oi To The World”, and so many others. Now, you have to remember that these were not vastly produced with a lot of money. That’s the punk rock option, right? With that in mind, you have to consider the tone, treble and bass that is kind of light. It sounds like the Vandals, that’s for sure.

The Vandals really put out all their tricks here, with a lot of songs that make reference to things that aren’t very “Christmas” like in traditional sense. Unless hanging, shooting yourself, and killing grandma is what your traditions are like. Geez. This is a classic punk rock album that used to cost upwards of several hundred dollars for the original pressing on vinyl. As far as alternative Christmas records are concerned, “Oi To The World” is pure insanity, punk rock style. Pick up the Vinyl version here, and the live recording of this record here.


For those of you that aren’t akin to the punk stylings of the Vandals, you may recognize “Oi To The World” from non other than No Doubt. That’s right, NO DOUBT covering this classic, and here’s the video. YAYAYAYAY!

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