Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Alternative Christmas Records: Falling Up Silver City Review

Falling Up put out a Christmas record in 2013, and most people I know were too old to care. In fact, what is it with people getting old and forgetting about music? I don’t know, it’s just something that I can never do. I know, I’m getting older, but I always strive to listen to the songs that people are putting out. That aside, Falling Up put through one of the most beautiful records for Christmas, and it’s definitely left of center. This takes on an approach of arranging Christmas tunes with a hint of rock, a hint of pop, and a reverence and care that the season certainly deserves.

Silver City by Falling Up LP
The compositions are layered with keyboards, drums, singing, and melodies that you expect from the band. If you’re new to Falling Up’s music, then you may not immediately understand what I mean. However, as you progress through the tracks, and the way the band has faithfully arranged many to fit both the traditional and alternative worlds, you will be captivated. If you like Christmas music, then you no doubt will love how “Silver City” pulls on your heart strings.

Some of the songs that continue to cloud my mind today, as I write this review include, “Emanuel”, “Oh Holy Night Reprise”, “Sugar Plum Fairy”, “Silver City”, “Silver City Sleeps”, and “The Little Robot”. It’s a shame that more people aren’t listening to this Christmas record, as it truly captures the spirit of the season in a whole new way. Falling Up has found a way to tap into the seasonal arrangements and make them all their own, without destroying the value of the notes. Sometimes with these alternative records, the songs get thrown into a trash compactor for the sake of having a Christmas record. That’s not what you get here, “Silver City” is a true gem of an alternative Christmas record.

I highly suggest that you pick up “Silver City” from Falling Up, as it is a stellar alternative Christmas record. You can do so by clicking here, so go for it, and enjoy the holiday season.

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