Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Armada Named Sound Produces A Stellar Debut With Starchildren EP

Electronic music is always a fascinating landscape. With the release of “Starchildren” Armada Named Sound pushes through the crowded genre to bring you an interesting take on the sound. Mixing several different elements of music, not just electronic, you get a boisterous sound. I love the mix, fusing the best part of several genres into an electric and dare I say eclectic release.

You really get a feel for the record with “Afterdrive” which ushers you in to the sound you’re going to get. It highlights good production values, and layered sounds that truly bring out pop and EDM but without relying on just one thing. Often times with electronic music, you get repetition over quality, but not here. Armada Named Sound really pushes several elements together to get you to a sonic boom of cool. I love the way it all fits together. The songs come together like a puzzle, everything having its own place.

“Starchildren” really takes on a good cohesive unit through 4 tracks of excellent tracking. Each and every piece creates a complex unity, and it really works here. The London duo have found a way to really create a lavish landscape of musical collateral. Armada Named Sound really touches every element of electronic music you can have. From vocals, to musical notes, so much comes to the table that you are begging for more. My favorite track is “Fixation”, but every song has special elements that draw you in.

Check out more from Armada Named Sound via ITunes here. Check out the video clip below, and keep your eyes open for this incredible duo as they take over the electronic music world. Great stuff here, highly recommended.

Check out Armanda Named Sound’s official page here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.

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