Tuesday, May 19, 2015

March To May Blend Beautiful Sounds With Their Debut EP The Water’s Edge

It’s not often that you get a debut with such power. March To May has put together a set of songs that are nothing short of beautiful. The balance between instruments and vocals does a lot to create the mood for each track. As you listen, you will be ushered slowly into the presence of an acoustic, folk, pop record that draws you in slowly. The combination of sounds illustrate an emphasis on art, more than just getting through the songs. Sometimes, with debut records you have a feeling that the artist is trying too hard to flow through songs.

That’s not the case here. You will find that there is a passion that signs off on each track. Every track is an emotionally complex ride. Listen to the words, close your eyes, and feel the impact of the music here. The creation of musical components really stands out on the tracks, and you truly get a feel for what March To May is capable of. The best Ep’s are able to give you a taste of what artists do best, without giving you too much, and that’s what you get here with “The Water’s Edge” you are taken through a glimpse of what some may call heavenly music, a seltzer that heals the soul, and awakens the spirit.

From the moment you listen to “The Monk and the Lover”, through “Falling Down”, “Count The days”, and the rest, you will find the eclectic, acoustic, and soulful music to be a mountain spring of hope. I love the poetry, and the balance that is found with this release. It has soul. It takes me back to when I was spending a fortune on all the releases from Deep Elm, and Jade tree records.

It’s easy to love this record. March To May produces something of importance here. Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche have tapped into a beautiful sound, and you will not be able to take your mind off of their creation. It’s a great EP. Listen, indulge, and focus on the many pieces that are found here. It’s an EP worth listening to as a whole, not in parts. I love it, and highly recommend it.

Check out March To May via their official website here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.

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