Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Electrets Dazzle With 2 New Pop Punk Anthems For You To Enjoy

I wrote about The Electrets back in September of last year here. They are one of my personal favorite Los Angeles based rockers, and it was a delight to learn that they are back at it with new music. This time around they have a new song and a b-side for your to sink your proverbial teeth into. Up front the song “Falling Awake” has a pop punk element that is catchy as all hell. You’re going to be singing along in no time, as I was definitely singing through the house. It’s an easy flowing song that features clear vocals, punk edge, and keyboards that balance everything out quite well. It’s like a mix of The Huntington’s “Plastic Surgery” and The Muffs grungy guitar work, with a clean finish. Fans of those bands know what I’m talking about, as this track really works well.

On the track “Has Been”, The Electrets really put on the rock and roll dazzle that they have. Rocking guitar blasts with emphatic vocals that usher Tilt or The Red Aunts. It’s a power song that will have you throwing a few fists and dancing around your living room. It’s a strong punk rock song that doesn’t lose its edge throughout. This may very well be one of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard come through the punk scene in a while. The distortion heavy track leads through subtle changes and really hits heavy. This is a track you cannot miss out on. The song writing that the band puts on with these two tracks lays down a dichotomy of emotion and skill that you have to admire.

Enough of my rambling, The Electrets are a band you have to see live, and have to listen to right now. Catch them right now before they get picked up by a major as they are definitely putting on a strong showing with these 2 tracks.

Go See Live Music May 30 Downtown Los Angeles!!!!!
OH and you Los Angeles folks, This weekend stop what you’re doing and head to downtown Los Angeles. The Electrets will be playing with Electric Children, The Blackerbys, and Space Hurricane for $6. 21 and over, 9 pm, stop being lazy and support this band. I’d go, but I’m actually moving to Indianapolis right now. I know, I suck, but hey, you aren’t moving so go see them!

More info on their official Facebook page here.

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