Saturday, July 4, 2015

XT Dream Drops Serious Knowledge on Future’s Future

Word to the wise, don’t blast your speakers too loud, because you’ll fly into the speaker’s ala “Back to the Future”. I learned the hard way, but that’s not here nor there. XT Dream comes through with his latest release entitled “Future’s Future”. I’m always up to listen to new hip hop, rock, or just about any genre, and this caught off guard a little. I’ve been drenched in a lot of metal lately, with a lot of artists hitting me with the same old chugga, chugga, roar, so when I started to listen to “Future’s Future”, I was glad to finally get out of the old and into something new.

XT Dream pulls you through a variety of moods through the beats that are layered into an ethereal transmission. His words are tied together with a spiritual message, but not a preaching message. It’s more of a positive tutelage, which focuses on the positive rather than the bravado that you get from other hip hop artists. The goal here is prominently displayed, with words that uplift rather than just point at the problems of the world, or about how amazing the lyricist is compared to others. There’s a natural story telling that comes through here. Fans of Abilities and Eyedea will immediately gravitate to the vocal style that you get on “Future’s Future”, as that’s what I get when first listening.

Stand out tracks are all over here, from the initial “Future’s Future”, through “Friendship”, “Light Signal”, and “Face The Future”. There’s so many different pieces that connect the songs here. You’re going to be floored by how the many elements here put forth a solid effort. It’s like taking a journey, walking hand in hand with spiritual framework.

This positive release is a good introduction to the artist. The beats are great, the lyrical content is good, and you really do get a sense for an artist that is still progressing, and growing. If you’re looking for a new hip hop record, and are tired of the same old hubris and bravado, here’s an honest and positive look at life. XT Dream really does well here.

Check out XT Dream via Band Camp here, and make sure that you keep tabs on what this artist produces. Something tells me this is just the beginning.

Catch up with XT Dream via Facebook here, via Twitter and instagram by following @XTDream , and don’t forget to support independent artists, pick up the record. Oh, and one last thing, check out this video for one of the stand out tracks on the album:

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