Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ty Segall Presents An Eclectic Rock EP With Mr. Face

Ty Segall channels a bit of the past with his latest release “Mr. Face”. There’s a progression here that comes straight out of the 1960s alternative rock movement, or rather folk rock at times. The title track comes straight at you from the side stage of Woodstock, but with a modern twist that is definitely interesting to listen to. I was surprised up front by the simplicity of the track, with excellent production and a strong build towards the end of what very well may be the best indie rock track I’ve heard in a long time. It’s with the strength of the first track that the rest of the record blossoms into a can’t miss experience.

What “Mr. Face” misses in terms of electric rhythm, it makes up for on the rest of the disc, specifically “Circles”, which brings about all the missing components of the title track. This psychedelic twist of a song is definitely not what I was expecting after the initial hearing. I love the way it progresses into a 1970s enigmatic track. It’s something that compels you to take note as Segall’s signature vocals take on a whole different genre in this blast from the past, set sternly in the present. It’s a strong continuation of the principles that were set up in the first track, and a nice bridge that carries you to yet another eclectic song with “Drug Mugger”. The third track on the disc is my personal favorite giving a little bit of alternative, hard rock twist on an otherwise mellow disc. I like the progression on this song, and the signatures that are very much rock in tone.

“The Picture” finishes off this disc and by the time you’re done with it all, you want to listen to it again. Ty Segall puts together one of the finer albums, even if it is only an EP. It’s a complete journey through a time capsule, and one that begs to get more attention.

Check out Ty Segall’s “Mr. Face” EP by clicking here, and make sure that you pay close attention to this artists groundbreaking work.

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