Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Secant Prime Delivers a Sonic Boom To The Head With Theta

I know, my title doesn’t make as much sense as you may have hoped for, but don’t worry, when you actually sit down to listen to the new Secant Prime release, you’ll get it. “Made” the first track that I heard from the release blew me away, as if I was going through a time warp. This electronic release is a wakeup call, and the first good electronic release of 2015 for me. I heard a TON of records in 2014, but this year has started a bit slow for me. I’m glad that Secant Prime’s latest hit my speakers, because it’s definitely a top notch release and you’ll hear it flowing through insane tracks, layered beats, electrical circuitry, and attention to details that you normally don’t get from music of this style.

I was impressed with how things moved from frenetic to peaceful, to thought provoking. The record has a good balance to it, and there’s no sound wasted here. It doesn’t just seek to please your ear as much as it is made to create harmony and chaos into a painting that you’ll see upon listening. Close your eyes for a moment and listen to the nuances of tracks like “Electro-Motive”, “Dominion”, and “Neptune”, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The album feels like a nuanced PC game from the 1990s for me, and if you know me, you know how important PC games were to me when I was younger. The digital elements here are pronounced, sonically moving, and tempting to the ears and mind’s eyes as you traverse each track individually.

Don’t be fooled thought, Secant Prime knows how to turn melody into upbeat, dance, and electronica that has no definition in words. Take “EMD” for example, and you are taken to a futurism that is definitely up there with the most iconic electronic tracks you’ve heard. It’s mesmerizing how it all works out, and flows amidst the rest of the record, and definitely one of my favorites on this release.

Secant Prime’s “Theta” delivers on all cylinders. There’s plenty to hear on this masterpiece. I found myself lost in the transitional tracks, and deeply moved within the nuances of the sounds coming through the speakers. It’s a layered electronic record that is definitely going to move you. Fans of digital, electronic, and music as a whole need to listen to this one, it’s full of passion, life, and a glimpse into the future.

Pick up Secant Prime’s “Theta” via bandcamp here. Be sure to check out the official Secant Prime website here, and Uncoiled Loops here.

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