Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Electro Positive Plus Is A Beautiful Mix of Music By Vin Deca

I was immediately blown away by Vin Deca’s production on “Electro Positive Plus”. Not since Kavinsky have I heard of a unique mix of music that is by far compelling and artsy in so many worlds. This is beyond the genre of dance and electronic music, as it fits into a whole new element of musical creativity. I’m honestly not sure how to really explain the layers that are created here as the positivity shines through and through.

On the record you are going to hear the traditional beats you may have grown accustom to in regards to dance or pop music, but right when you think you’ve got Vin Deca figured out, he throws you a curve. When you listen to tracks like “Avec Plaisir” you really denote that. I loved the way the flow turned around and then struck a new element throughout. It is an energy filled track that really needs your attention.

The rest of the record is compelling too, and it flows through ambience and rhythm that is very much on par with what you would expect from a jazz musician from the 1940s. I mean that it translates through creativity and is not at all set in one arena. You are going to find that there are so many elements at play here, and while it is electronic, it is not what you are going to expect at all.

Every track is done right, everything is put through with a very precise penmanship and signature. You are going to dance, you are going to laugh, you’re going to want to wake up and move around a bit. I found that there were moments on this record that made me want to get back to the gym (I’ve been going daily fyi) and put this on, share it with others, and more.

Perhaps my favorite track is “J.I.T.C (Jesus In the Club)” a raucous track that has so much power. It brings me back to the first time I heard the Newsboys at SC4Y camp in southern California (1993). Overall this is the type of music that is hard to classify as one genre, there’s just so much at play.

Vin Deca produces some compelling and iconic electronic music on “Electro Positive Plus” and it’s definitely worth checking out right now. I’m amazed, you’ll most likely be amazed if you’re into electronic music. Even if you’re not, take this for a spin, it’s refreshing, I like it. I recommend it greatly.

Check out more from Vin Deca via his official site here, media page here, and listen on spotify here.

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