Sunday, October 26, 2014

Iakopo Produces A Landmark Single With One Forever For Lovers Out There

Iakopo has just released and the artist took to Okinawa to produce the music video for the title track “One Forever”. When you hear love songs, you may immediately think of one genre, and one of your favorite singers, but every now and again a new artist comes through and shakes things up a bit with poetry, and musical taglines that are just compelling to listen to. Iakopo has painted quite the illustration with this track, giving all you guys out there a song to sing for your girl, or put on as background music to spark a bit of romance. This song has everything you could ask for in an honest look at love and appreciation for someone, as you hear the lyrical notes, and the musical elements.

Acoustic guitar tones, simple percussion, and signature vocals put together a nice song that will have you flowing through feelings for that special someone in your life. It’s a good overall song, and the video is definitely in line with the lyrical elements and musical tones that you get from the track. Overall it’s a solid release that has a lot of passion and honesty through the music. With a mix of good lyrical content, and stellar production, you may very well have found your next favorite song to put on when you’re alone with that special person you love.

Check out “One Forever” and pick up the new record here. Also, check out the music video below, and turn up your speakers, it’s a really laid back, and introspective track.

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