Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bottoms Goodbye Stuns With A Fascinating Release

After writing 17,000 words today, I wasn’t prepared to review a record, then “die:rot” hit the speakers, and my mood shifted. Bottoms latest release is a mix of electronic music, and pure exuberance. The opening track alone had me awake and alert, and into something quite new. The mix is solid, throwing together sound design that is definitely on par with some of the best electronic music I heard last year. However, where others seem to just throw in some random beats and underline them with signature time, Bottoms changes the formula.

Within the first track alone you get several changes in terms of sound, design, and noise. The elements put together are layered, and flow to tell you a story that is quite impactful overall. If the first track doesn’t grab you up front, then the second and third tracks will change your mind. “Boring” and “Gasoline” take away the first track and create lavish new elements, while distributing the tropes of electronic music you’d come to expect. It’s done so well that I was thoroughly impressed upon hearing the mix.

“My body”, “Hi”, and “Goodbye Cruel World” round out the record and it features a great nuance to it. The way that Bottoms finds a way to flesh out musical ideas with a layered, electric feel is dramatic. The drama plays well to introduce you to a whole new concept through each track, directing you to lighten up, take a load off, and experiment with the musical landscape that is being painted for you.

It’s records like “Goodbye” from Bottoms that really shows you how art and music can collide to create a layered approach to digital music. It’s an eclectic mix, full of interesting notes, sounds, and more. I like it, and recommend it. It’s the best electronic record I’ve heard this year thus far, and can’t get some of the tracks out of my head.

Check out the record here, and make sure that you keep an eye out for what very well may be your new favorite record.

In case you don't believe me, check out what others have to say about these guys Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork.

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