Friday, April 1, 2016

Wild Rossa and The 88 Create Art Through Musical Genres On Their Latest EP

Wild Rossa and The ’88 take the best parts of music, all music, and throws it into a blender to create an absolute incredible mix. Their Self-Titled EP is a musical handbook. It’s like Ozomatli’s brother, because the band has found a voice that is like the latter, mixed, varied, and just astonishing in my view. There’s so much here, from the moment you get the bass booms of “Gasoline”, you know that you’re in for a real treat. The music is crafted so well, you are going to be lost in your senses, as you will not be able to nail down what it is you love about the music Wild Rossa and The ’88 brings to the table. There’s dancing elements, there’s serious lyrical thought processing, and there’s a beauty found in the tracks that transcends one label, which is why this is so great.

Name a genre, any genre, and you may find a sound in the release that Wild Rossa and The ’88 to consider within it. From soul, ska, punk, to guitar picking, bass line dancing, to rock, swing and more, the band has found a way to tap into a lot of elements and make you think twice. Not to be outdone, the lyrics are thought provoking, and you just have a good time with every track. The band is all over the map musically, but there’s a congruency in that the band’s musicians all put together things that make sense. This is not punk chaos, it’s organized, it’s expertly delivered, and it’s art, it’s powerful, it’s what music should be.

Overall, Wild Rossa and The ’88’s self-titled EP is something that you have to experience. It gives you a taste for what the band can do, and doesn’t hold back. There’s no pretense here. There’s nothing that is going to make you question what you’re listening to, it’s going to pour through you and fill you up, because there’s true emotion and dedication found in the sums of the part. Equal parts, jazz, soul, ska, punk, rock, funk, and so much more all wrapped into an EP.

This is a great record, and something that you have to experience for yourself. Wild Rossa and The ’88 truly tap into musical genius on this record, and I can’t get the songs out of my head. This is what music should be, an infectious blend of expertise.

Check out Wild Rossa and the '88 via Facebook here and get their EP via Itunes here.

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