Friday, April 10, 2015

The Ghost of Brooklyn Brings About Guitar Pop In Unique Fashion

Touted as being a real ghost that is singing songs of past, present, and future, The Ghost of Brooklyn will catch you off guard. The guitar driven music is pleasant, and mixes various genres. From a bit of pop to a little reggae and ska, you are going to be astonished by what you hear in the mix. While those genres may seem like stretches, all you need to hear is “One Love”, and you’ll understand the measure of the artists soulful tunes.

It’s not just one track that will capture the soul of the musical experience of The Ghost of Brooklyn. Listening to the tracks that are available now, you are going to immediately feel a kinship with the artist. There’s something simple about the music, and the lyrics, which paint a picture for you. “Beautiful Day” for instance, takes you on a simple journey to enjoy things a bit more. A smile on your face will appear as you listen to the song and lyrics that illustrate a bit of joy.

There’s a certain rock sensibility to the music pushed forward here. Something that has that intangible quality of greatness. You’re going to hear songs and immediately hum along with the melodies. The best artists make you remember their words, their song structures, and will not let go of your psyche. That’s exactly what the Ghost of Brooklyn does, and it’s a great thing. You’re going to find that the poetic soul and pop rock prowess shines through with each song.

You have to check out the songs and music that this artist is bringing out. You’ll find that it grabs you with melodious rhythm. Don’t just take my words for it, listen to some of the tunes featured below, and you too may be haunted by this eclectic musical artist.

Check out more on The Ghost of Brooklyn via Facebook here. Or listen to the tracks below or both!

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