Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Best Doors Live Record

Live at the bowl 68
There are a lot of, and I do mean a lot of Doors live records available today. But for my money, one of the best records to be put out after the death of Jim Morrison, and updated for these modern times is that of “Live AtThe Bowl ‘68”. The Lizard King really shines in this release with a lot of elements working together to make this a memorable showcase of rock stardom.

Filmed at the glorious Hollywood Bowl, the sound resonates quite well and even though this is not exactly new footage, it has been remixed, mastered and attention to every detail has been made to make this an unforgettable classic rock experience. The Doors “Live At The Bowl ‘68” truly exemplifies what all the fans of their music would want and expect from the band at their peak.

The vinyl recording found here, is definitely worth picking up, as you will gain a sonic boom of cool throughout. The recording is impeccable, with distortions, static, and other problems that were previously heard now removed and cleared up.

The initial 1987 release wasn’t the full version, and many original vinyl and cassette collectors will make note of that. While that version is still interesting, it wasn’t well worth the investment. It was only 22 minutes and 18 seconds in length. However, the latest edition is far better, and has everything a fan would want.

The Blu Ray Disc Trailer reveals more to the musical prowess of these friends, creating exemplary music history:

The best Doors live record may in fact be “Live At the Bowl ‘68” as it stands out in my mind as one of the brightest moments for the band, at least in terms of audio and performance pieces. Obviously, longtime fans may disagree, but if you’re going to shop for a record from these guys and you want it live and raw, here it is in full spectrum. Pick up the Blu Ray Set here, and of course get the mp3 download or vinyl through amazon if you’d like, here.

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