Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Beginning of Sell Out Records

Ever since I first got into the punk rock scene as a teenager, I've been concerned with selling out. It's a stupid, childish thing to others, but to me it's something that has carried over into my adult years. I personally do not want to be one of those people that doesn't listen to music any longer, or doesn't experience the things that made them special.

This childish blog is about music. It's about the songs, albums, and so much more that I would never trade for the world. These have made me laugh, cry, and rethink about life in general. Whether you're reading this on your phone or through the powers of the internet, make sure that you check out the songs, and more that I list. I will be posting reviews, recommendations, and so much more.

This is a labor of love, however, I do use advertising, which makes me about a nickel. It's not a living, but one can dream. If you're going to "buy" music, do so through the appropriate links, please.

Thank you.

- Management

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