Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Chariot Wars and Rumors of Wars Review

Yesterday, for those that are still reading my blog, I talked about The Chariot’s “Unsung EP”. It’s an EP that introduced me to the band Josh Scogin left Norma Jean to form and front. Initially released on May 5, 2009, this was one of the records that I remember absolutely falling in love with while I was living in Seattle, Washington. I had moved to Seattle in March of 2007 and was still building an insane collection of music at the time. This came out on Cinco de Mayo and if you remember the initial set up, there was a hand numbered and autographed set of discs put out with paper CD cases. I was able to pick up number 257 of the releases, and sure enough they were hand signed and numbered in pen. The Chariot did the classic “one up” thing with this release, as they put out “The Fiancee” in 2007 to good overall reviews.

You don’t need to know what was going on at the time to appreciate the heavy handed measurements of each song on this record. The Chariot goes balls to the wall, as it were, with stop, go, stop, go style metallic hardcore. There are some outstanding riffs found on this record, but it’s the palm muted, distortion fueled chaos that makes this record so compelling. The guitar work from Dan Vokey and Brian Russell Taylor stand out, even when you can’t tell where the bass guitar is in the mud of the guitars that pummel your senses on each track. If the guitar and vocal wall of noise doesn’t compel you, pay close attention to the drumming that David Kennedy creates here. There’s chaos, and there’s unity with the sounds, driving the songs like a pendulum from jazz era technique to stand alone hard rock drumming.

The stand out track for me is none other than, “Impress”, which is only 2 minutes long, but has a very melodic guitar framework to offset the incredible roar that Scogin presents alongside a deluge of heavily distorted, bass heavy noise. It’s the ending elements that really compel, like the end of a Bible reading at an orthodox church. The Chariot’s “Wars and Rumors of Wars” is a standout hardcore record from 2009, and really adds gasoline to the heavy music that Solid State Records has put out. Even though it was released in 2009, the production values and songs stand tall amidst more accomplished bands from the same era, and genre.

You can download The Chariot “Wars and Rumors of Wars” here. Turn it up to 11, it’s worthwhile.

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