Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Chariot Unsung Ep Review

The Chariot should’ve been the biggest band in the world, if you ask Josh Scogin and the people that saw him leave Cornerstone’s Norma Jean performance as his last with the group. The Chariot was formed, and the battle of the heaviest Christian hardcore band started. Previously, a lot of bands would take on the moniker, but this band was different. These guys had a lot of power within their ranks, and it was led by Scogin’s signature roar. Jake Ryan, Keller Harbin, Joshua Beiser, Neil Fox, and Mike Watts (mixing), took on 6 tracks and created a chess game of melodic hardcore glory with this record.

Released on December 6, 2005, the band took what should’ve been a forgettable batch of songs and made history, if you ask me. The strength of this EP was deep, which absolutely broke through to a jaded hardcore scene in 2005. The names of the tracks are funny, including “Phil Cosby”, “Vin Affleck”, and Donnie Cash”, all bring about some hilarity, but it’s the weight of the lyrical elements and the heavy guitar work that really shines here.

For those that loved Mike Patton’s contribution on several underground hardcore records, there’s incredible moments on this one. The drumming is definitely stand out, as well as the roars and screams from Scogin. Where you may see a moment of peace to breathe, the band finds ways to shock and stun your senses with a wall of hardcore noise. It’s violence on a disc. It’s heavy, but without losing connection to the pop sensibilities that made Norma Jean a stand out before they shifted record labels. This bridge between records is a true testament of how good 15 some odd minutes of metal can be. Not quite metal, not quite full hardcore, and altogether an impressive package, The Chariot’s “Unsung EP” is one for the collector’s, whether you’re a believer or not.

Download The Chariot’s 2005 EP “Unsung” here in mp3 format.

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