Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chevelle Point No. 1 (1999) Review

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I was only 16 years old when Chevelle’s first record came out. Many people to this day don’t realize that this was in fact their first record. It was released in May of 1999, and I got it immediately upon release. I’m a music nerd, through and through, and had heard that Steve Albini was producing this record, and was definitely looking forward to seeing what he came up with, since the band’s label was a Christian one. Squint Entertainment was an independent Christian music record label that put this one out, therefore the distribution put Chevelle’s record in Christian book stores, and throughout youth group airwaves. That led them to playing with a lot of the bands in the scene. I recall them playing with Project 86, Stavesacre and others right before their second album came out and they became superstars. The three-piece rock outfit, really impressed me with “Point No. 1”, and many still haven’t heard it.

Chevelle’s release was definitely a hard rock record. If you are a fan of Tool, then you’ll get a sense for the sounds that are on this record. The trio were able to tap into a “fuzz” metal guitar sound, and the singer’s vocals are very much like you’d expect from Maynard. This is a “softer” record, if you can believe that, as the record has a toned down experience through the tracks. However, their title track is perhaps one of the best songs that showcases that power of metallic influence.

You get a sense for the young band through the track listing. The second track, the title track, is a blistering hard rock song that leads into a lot more bass heavy and melodic heavy D tuned guitar work. You’ll find that this is a record that is definitely the beginning of a career as the band isn’t as fluid as some of their other work. Pete Loeffler’s vocals are good however, making this one a fascinating approach to the song’s structures of hard music. Look out for track eight, in which a 12 second scream from Leoffler completely blows you away. Once again, this is like Tool’s little brother, because of the structure and production that Steve Albini provides. That’s not a bad thing, it is just going to be apparent.

Overall, Chevelle’s “Point No. 1” is a classic for those that love the band. I think it’s a great introduction to a career that is still going strong. The three guys that make up Chevelle tapped into something great here, and Albini produced a very laid back, layered rock record. I recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet.

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