Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tamela D’Amico Makes You Fall In Love With Exquisite Vocals on Love and The Gun

In the 1990s, soundtracks meant the world to me. Heck, they still mean the world to me, and you can usually find me listening to a lot of soundtracks to movies. As a former video store clerk, I live in the movies at times, and go through my life picturing the nuances that I go through in comparison to the glory that comes with the images on screen. Sometimes the soundtracks sell the movie, and in the case of Tamela D’Amico’s “Love and the Gun”, I’m once again enthralled with the music and must see the movie now. Tamela’s vocals amidst an orchestral backdrop lends credence to the fact that you can fall in love with a singer’s voice. That’s what happens when you listen to the song, as you are whisked away into dream land with Tamela D’Amico singing of love and more.

This song is part of the “Rob The Mob” soundtrack, and the official music video showcases scenes from the film with Tamela’s vocals moving you through a variety of moments of the movie. It’s truly a visceral experience, one akin to the promotional elements that made the 1990s cinema experience so vibrant compared to modern musical accompaniments. It’s not often that you get a soundtrack that is amazing, but in recent years there have been a couple of examples. I firmly believe that this song can carry the film’s score and soundtrack, as it is definitely one for the ages.

As soon as you hear the flowing vocals of Tamela D’Amico, you will become a true believer. “Love and The Gun” feels iconic, warm, and something that transcends your average pop song or ballad. There’s something intangible here, something that engraves the quality of the tune into your mind’s eye. Upon listening to it, I had to listen again and again because there’s so many layers to the vocals, it’s exquisite, truly exquisite.

As far as songs are concerned, Tamela D’Amico’s “Love and the Gun” is one of my current favorites. The music video gives it some more power, but close your eyes and listen to Tamela’s vocals, they truly make this song so incredible.

Check out the music video for Tamela D’Amico’s “Love and the Gun” below:

Pick up this track online by clicking here.

Photo credit: Barry Druxman

For further information on “Rob The Mob”, the score, composer, and more, take a look at the following links: (film director and lyric writer of song) (film composer and co writer of song)

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