2KX Create A Lavish Musical Framework Beyond Comparison

I know it’s my job to compare musical acts and try to paint a picture as to what they are doing so that you can go and buy the record and check them out, but every now and again artists are beyond just one genre and above any simple terminology. It’s paying disservice for me to call the latest release from 2KX anything other than a masterpiece. Fronted by Lisa LaRue, this is a release of progressive rock and is like nothing I’ve heard in a long time. Yes, there are other prog rock bands out there, but this release is a cataclysmic exemplification of art, and not just music. With the release of “Sussuration”, you get elements of every type of musical genre, but it’s like a work of art, seamless in the integral elements that make this worth picking up.

I was floored by the pieces, and really found myself in awe at the precision at which every element comes together. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and once you hear the record, you understand the pieces fit to make sure that this makes sense. It truly makes sense, every song comes through with vital pieces and then progresses into a huge and compelling soundscape.

My personal favorite is “Lemniscate” a 13 minute masterpiece of funk, soul, 80s rock, and so much more. It had me doing a little dance in my office chair with my speakers blasting. It’s rare to hear a record with so many parts coming together in this format. It has ups and lows and sews together 30 minutes of pure bliss. This is definitely a solid release and something that I can definitely see getting a lot of attention.

2KX really puts forth a great set of songs here, with full framework of artistry in mind. There are so many notes presented here and many genres, even though you’ll have a rock theme come through to wrap it all up. “Sussuration” is by far one of the coolest releases I’ve heard this year. It’s unlike anything else I’ve heard thus far.

Check out Lisa LaRue and 2KX via the official site here, and check out Facebook here. You cannot miss this, you will love it on so many levels. I love it. I’m impressed.


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